That California Feeling

Nature photographer Dale Proctor's site is appropriately called California Pictures. Here he presents more than 100 photographs of California landscapes on 60 handsome web-pages.

Some of the most beautiful are the ocean photographs, some taken from California's central coast and others further down on the southern coast. Others take you inland to California's mountains. The photographer has titled two of his finest photos in this second category Warm Morning Light and Purple Mountain's Majesty.

The great majority are, however, pictures of California streams, rivers, and forests.

Aalthough the site focuses on landscapes, there is the occasional photo of an animal and a handful are of flowers or flowering trees. There is also an entrancing page on Tharp's Cabin.

This site, so lovely in its contents, has some decided peculiarities. Some pages have a single photograph. Others appear to have just one, but have more, buried under a mountain of descriptive text, at the bottom of the page. (An example is the page on Rock Creek Canyon). Finally, the links at the bottom of each page sometimes seem to lead in circles. If you become frustrated by that, the site map offers an alternative means of navigation.

January 29, 2001