For Your Viewing Pleasure (I hope)

Ready for something really beautiful? I found an exhibit called Hidden Canyons (part of a larger site aptly named \"Mysterious Places").

Here are beautiful photographs and informative text about two "slot" canyons of the American Southwest. The first, Antelope Canyon, lies in northern Arizona. This brief exhibit offers only two pages, with three haunting photographs on each.

The second feature, on Buckskin Gulch, is more extensive, amounting to a true "virtual tour." Buckskin Gulch, on the border between Utah and Arizona, is said to be the "deepest, darkest" slot canyon in the world.

At its mouth, it cuts like a deep, narrow gash into the reddish earth and rock. Amazingly, silhouettes of wild animals, or petroglyphs, have been carved into the rock and are thought to be the work of Anasazi Indians. The canyon narrows to only a couple of feet in width near the end. Both it and the virtual tour come to an end all too soon.

January 14, 2001