Gardens, Anyone?

Since yesterday's essay took me so long, I am focusing on just a single site today. This simple but still beautiful site is called "Jeff's Garden" and it represents various facets of the extensive gardens master-minded by the web-designer's husband Jeff. There are really only four pages to this site, but each does take some time to load because it contains so many photos. (I.e., please be patient.)

First there is an introductory page, giving some background and highlights of Jeff's entire garden project.

On the second page, the author explains how the garden is divided into various "rooms," almost like a house or museum. She then shows off some of the perennials and flowering vines. Next comes an entire page devoted to the garden's many roses, of old-fashioned and modern varieties.

The last page is, to my mind, even more beautiful and shows off Jeff's splendid shadebeds

And if you aren't tired of looking (or of waiting for pages to load) yet, you might take a quick peek at the Spring 2000 flowers. You will find the gateway to these photos tucked away at the end of the main text on the introductory page. All five pictures are quick-loading (!) and easily worth the while.

(Hint: A good way to enjoy this or any graphics-intensive site is to let each page download first, and then to go quickly through each page again. Because the pictures are already in your computer's cache, the second-time around is much quicker and more enjoyable.)

January 16, 2001