Gardens -- One More Time!

     From the beginning, photographers have naturally, and quite rightly, seen the Web as an ideal display medium for their work. Oregon resident Janet Loughrey has taken exceptional advantage of the Web's possibilities to create an appealing and elegant web-site on her specialty, horticultural photography.

     In just six pages, she covers a wealth of ground -- and lovely ground it is. Ms. Loughrey's site, to my mind, is a well-nigh perfect combination of simplicity, beauty, and brevity.

     Since she specializes in horticultural photos, Ms. Loughrey offers a page of plant photographs, one of garden photos, and a separate page of plant nurseries.

     Her talent for both writing and photography is evident in her article on hop gardens, and her piece on Asian gardens.

     Then again, my personal favorite spot in this short but elegant site is Ms. Loughrey's illustrated article on the city of Seaside, Oregon.

January 22, 2001