Atlanta Windows

     Yesterday I wanted to find an appropriate site and describe it in honor of an Internet friend who is a Lutheran pastor and is going through some difficult family times.

     Well, it wasn't easy! Good Catholic sites and great Episcopalian sites are fairly easy to find, but for some reason, really handsome Lutheran sites are few and far between. Finally, however, after much, much searching, I did find one that seems just right.

     The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer is in Atlanta, Georgia. The church is particularly distinguished by its fine stained glass windows, and web-site gives quite a good virtual tour of those windows.

     The Good Shepherd Window is a simple but appealing one. Others are more complex, in that they are composed of one or more "medallions." Among these are the Benedicite Windows and the Clerestory Windows.

     Two other, very large windows are still more complex, each consisting of many "scenes" -- the North Side Windows and the Great Redemption Windows.

     Now, here is a curious problem. If you attempt to enlarge the "thumbnails" offered on either the North Side or the Great Redemption Windows page, you will discover that they do not "work." By dint of a bit of cyber-sleuthing, however, I was able to discover the problem underlying this failure, and have been able to construct a table of links that do work.

     Herewith, then, my "reconstructed" tour of these two fine windows --

Nave -- North Side Windows: Life of Christ
      Presentation in the Temple
      Flight into Egypt
      In the Temple, Age 12
      Temptation in the Wilderness
      Choosing the Apostles
      Raising of Lazarus
      The Adulterous Woman
      Healing of Blind Bartimaeus
      Peter's Confession
      Lament over Jerusalem

Main Altar -- Great Redemption Windows
      Testing of Abraham
      Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
      Last Supper
      Garden of Gethsemani
      Crown of Thorns
      Appearance at Emmaus

January 24, 2001